The Power of Now – Lessons From My Karate Master



Today, in class, while practicing my katas, I discovered the power of NOW.

Sweat poured down my face. And I didn’t even notice. It occurred to me at some stage during the two hours I hadn’t given a moment’s thought to my heartache from my unrequited love affair, or my worries about closing some of the deals in the pipeline.

I was 100% completely engrossed in the HERE and NOW. Boy! Did I feel great. Alive, full and stretched. Although my muscles ached, I felt relaxed and energized.

This is what it must mean to be FULLY in the present.

I also have that when I coach people or facilitate workshops. Perhaps that’s why I love it so much. It really is one of the times I know for sure I am in my power, no matter how challenging the situation. Mostly it truly feels like something bigger than me is operating. It more often than not leaves me energized, full, grateful and alive.

Why am I unable to bring this element to the rest of my life? I think sometimes in the zest for personal development, I spend too much time reflecting in the past or visualizing the future. Not that reflection and planning isn’t valuable. But living in the NOW has such a beauty in it.

That’s why I love karate, yoga and dance. It helps me practice being present in a way that is fun.


Such concentrated effort, is effortless. And leaves no room for worry. No care of the future, and no regret for the past. All there is, is this moment… NOW… that needs to be taken care of.

I remember when I did the Landmark Education Forum. One of the concepts they put to us is that LIFE IS NOW. This moment. This second in which you are reading these words. This is your life.

How do you feel?

Every one of these moments called ‘NOW’ add up to become the sum total of how we experience our lives.

IS it really possiblmodel-829048__180e as Eckhart Tolle suggests to be more present in every day activities. I know I am while I am writing this. Well mostly. I have a little nag about an upcoming meeting at the back of my head, which is slightly, but not much, taking away some of the enjoyment in sharing this story with you

Can I shift to the NOW?

If you haven’t read Power of Now, or the New Earth it is a highly recommended read.

Copyright, 2009


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