I Love What I Do

self-motivationI question my own purpose often. Growing up I wanted to change the world. I thought I could change the world.

Through the eyes of the many people I’ve worked with, I soon saw that it was me who needed the change and growth.

In my twenties teaching life skills to school kids – I realised that so much of what I was teaching I wasn’t living. I was teaching high school children and teachers about having empowered relationships.

I myself was in a bad relationship.

I myself was at a stage in my life when I came face to face with my sense of helplessness as I discovered I could not control the world.

It took me a while to work out that I could only control me, and that act alone would change MY world.

My purpose changed from changing others, to changing me. My mission was to expand my own light, my own strength and wisdom.

That doesn’t mean I’ve lost a connection to the meaning my work gives me.

Only a recognition that I am not the one helping anyone. People help themselves. I just share tools I’ve learnt along the way that facilitate and accelerate the process. They’re not even my tools. I am not an inventor. My gift is to facilitate – to make easy – learning and growth.

How much transformation, healing and success someone experiences has to do with them.

Their own resolve, their own belief in their capacity to do so, their own perseverance and dedication to themselves.


I love seeing someone’s eyes light up when they experience a shift in their world. I do. It gives me a thrill.

When a pain turns into freedom. When a problem turns into growth.

In that moment when I see it, it reminds me of my own potential and possibilities. I feel faith rise inside me. I feel my own resolve strengthen.

The bonus is knowing I’ve parted a gift to someone. Sometimes that gift lasts a moment. Sometimes I get a phone call years later to say how that gift has changed someone’s world.

The gifts I receive from each person I work with – last me a life time. 


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