Hallo Friend, your first visit?

jopinksmile.jpgLike you, I am here!

Sometimes I know. Sometimes I know not.

I seek Truth and to dance a Healthy Life-Loving Path. One that is in line with the Highest possible way. I know the taste of self-hatred, depression, sickness and addiction. All of which have been a cause for me to seek something more. Something Higher than myself.

I study continually how to live in a way that is not only best for me, but for us all, and best for the environment.

I have made many discoveries and had wonderful long-lasting transformations – one of which is the vegan raw food diet. I’ve learned that how I live, contributes to peace or to war; to abundance or to poverty, and that what I do affects the world. At times I live with full integrity. At other times I fall and go back to old habits of addiction, drama and self destructive habits. And each time that happens – I am reminded that:

“Self-destructive behavior is unrecognized spiritual craving” – Deepak Chopra

I’ve learned that with perserverance and compassion, one only moves forward – and no amount of action, thinking or effort will make up for the lack of the Higher Presence of God/The Creator in our lives. I am learning that what matters most is this.

Sometimes we know what is best for us – but find we still do what is harmful and will resist what will rejuvenate us. I speak here, not only of physical well-being but also of spirtual, mental, emotional and social well-being. Everything is interconnected.

The vegan raw food diet has been an incredible transformation in my life, making me feel light and wonderful. Yet, every now and again, I reach for toast.

I’ve asked the question – “What makes us resist?” Each time I come back to the same place – at some point I invited doubt in. And with doubt I disconnected from Source. Disconnection invites dischord, addiction and drama.

I share with you what I have learned – what has worked, what hasn’t – and I invite you to join me in your own quest to live JOY FULLY in a Higher Way of life. We can succeed far more readily as a community than we can alone.

Below, you can find out more about me, personally and professionally as well as my coaching strategy. I look forward to hearing from you, and being a part of co-creating our future together.

Love and Peace,

Jo (Ann)

Make yourself at home.




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